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which deer rifle should i get??

i am fixing to buy my wife and daughter a deer rifle, i have heard alot of good things about 22-250's and 25-06's and was wondering which one would suite them the best and not have much of a recoil but be accurate.

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Get the .25-06

The .22-250 is too small to humanely kill a deer (so says the game warden,otherwise id use one.) or even better get a .243.

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which deer rifle should i get??

I bought my wife a youth model Remington 700SPS in 7mm-08.
Low recoil, comparable to a 308 or 270 in ballistics shooting a 140gr bullet.
and they make it in a lefty if you need it.
It's a great little rifle. Shoots 1" or less groups with factory Fusion ammo too.
Take a look at it, they also offer it in .243.

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which deer rifle should i get??

Depending on where you live and hunt any of the 6mm's witch include the .243, 257 Roberts or the 25-06 should do the job quite nice. I would lean a little bit towards the 257 or the 25-06 they have a little bit move power and nock down than the 243 and a few yard more range.

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Re: which deer rifle should i get??

I agree with all the answers above. I'd say the .243 the 257R 25.06 or 7mm 08. Those are all perfect calibers. My wife shoots a .243 she can handle it well and shoot it well. What ever you get use good optics. I prefer Nikon. You may not, but get good glass.

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Re: which deer rifle should i get??

the big thing is how well and how far they can shoot if they shoot well out past a 100yrd all rounds posted are fine but if they dont shoot well past a 100yrds and or were you hunt is close or short shots its hard to beat a H&R in 44mag it will put a deer on its butt at 100yrds or less and is a fun and easy gun to shoot no recoil at all ..and also if the shot is a litle off it still putts a real big hole ..... ohh and i am not saying anything about girls shooting... my GF anf my daughter wants there 44s over anything they are a blast to shoot

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Re: which deer rifle should i get??

if they are younger kids id say .223 or .243 but if they're my age and your wife shouldn have to much trouble with a .270 which i shoot in a savage.

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Re: which deer rifle should i get??

My favorite all time deer rifle (had it over 30 years) is my Winchester model 94 30-30. Very accurate, great punch, never had a jam in thousands of rounds, short for in the brush or on a horse. Also I shoot left handed so I really like the hot casings ejecting out the top. Not the right gun for long open range shots or larger animals like moose, but a great deer gun.

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I think the 7mm-08 is a great

I think the 7mm-08 is a great round for women and kids.

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I'd go with a 243 or 270.

I'd go with a 243 or 270. both great calibers for youths and women

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The .260 is another round you

The .260 is another round you may consider. Later on, you can load 140 grain bullets. Not too much punch for the shooter.

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