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Which call to use for coyote hunting in CO plains

Hey All,

I just signed up so bear with me if I am not doing this correctly.

I have a relative who owns property on the eastern plains of Colorado.  Their 2 dogs were just attacked by a pack of coyotes so they are calling me in to take care of them.

I am from Utah and have not been in Colorado for very long now.

I have a .30-06 and a 12 gauge shotgun along with an electric call with a few different calls (rabbit in distress, pup, etc.).

Which calls and how do you recommend I use my electric calls to take care of them?

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I have had the most success with rabbit in distress. It has worksed from SC to KS for me. Just remember not every stand will produce so I move around alot. I vary the volume and cadence. I always start calling calling with the volume low since you never know where they are.  Just stay with it and they will come. good luck

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the 06' might be a little

the 06' might be a little over gun if you want the pelt, load yoru 12ga with #4buck shot, as for the call, i like the Ruffy Dog, it has worked good for me, also weems. You set up is the most importan thing, you want to be able to see (Good field of view) call for 45 sec to a minute, the wait. let them come to you, i normaly wait about 2-3 minutes before i call again, this is a short 30 sec call then about 5 min wait. i vary the wait time and lenght of call. after your last call, make sure you sit for at least 5 minutes before you move. I move at least a mile  between locations, dont like to overcall an area.

Good luck



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find an old abandonded corral

find an old abandonded corral which probably is not hard to do in eastern co and use a cottontail distress.lots of rabbits hanging around old corrals and the yotes know it too.also makes it easier to setup. Thumbs up

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