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which broadhead?

I'm heading to hunt Elk in Co. this fall for the first time, which broadhead would be my best bet?

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which broadhead?

there are so many really good broadheads in today shops I shoot a 100 gr thunderhead and have shot it for over 5 yrs and have harvested many different kinda of game and and Im happy to say never had to use more then one arrow on ea. hunt i have been on lol shot placment is everything

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which broadhead?

Which ever one you chose make sure you get a broadhead target and practice with them. You will most probably find you have to make some ajustments, especially out past 20 yards. You might even want to try a few well known brands to see what shoots best out of your bow even though it costs a bit.
I like 125 gr. for Elk.

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which broadhead?

I use 125 muzzy. Just because. They shoot well and do the job. If it ain't broke. Don't fix it.

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