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Which Bow to Get....?

I have been very Happy with my Martin. You can get the Sabre model with arrows and sites for under $400.

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Does anyone know anything about whisper creek bows?

I am looking for a new bow. I have looked at many different bows and i think that i like the whisper creek line of bows but i dont know anything about them nor do i know anyone that has one so if anyone knows anything about them i would like to hear it.

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Which Bow to Get....?

i just bought a PSE Brute LT (2009 model) and I'm very happy with it.....my grouping shrank instantly down to a 4" group at 20yds......i was shooting a 6-7" group before with my old old old bow (pearson flame)

the bow itself was $375 (was listed as $399 at the store, but i hemmed and hawed long enough he gave me a small cut to make the sale) Online they go 389-419 or so....

I'm psyched.....cant wait for shotgun season to be over so i can use it on something other than a foam block!

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Re: Which Bow to Get....?
Illinois_Dave wrote:
Question: If you guys had about $400 to spend on a new bow, which one would it be?

Thanks in advance!

I have been bowhunting for 20 plus years, and have learned unfortunately the hard way. I would suggest that you first check a great web site, huntersfriend.com, This site can answer the questions that you need to know before purchasing any bow. Most archers make the same mistakes, incorrect draw length, draw weight, unmatched arrows, inability to tune their bow. This site is the best that I have seen that can answer all your questions. I suggest this because unfortunately not all archery shops are created equal, there are some shops that might encourage you to purchase a bow for their needs, rather than yours, and the more that you know before you purchase any bow, the better equipped you are to make the best purchase for you.

I have owned Martin, several Pse, and Diamond bows. For me personally, and my grandson, there is no better bow for the money than a Diamond. If I had unlimited funds, I would definetly purchase a Bowtech, these are the best there is, period.

If you start out right, you will save a lot of money in the long run, through trial and error. If you are just starting out in archery, don't overbow yourself in draw weight, don't abuse your shoulder and back, and just enjoy.

Good Hunting


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Which Bow to Get....?

PSE makes a bow package called the Stinger .

Stinger costs 400.00 ready to shoot.

Soft cam very forgiving. reasonable brace.
Excellent bow.

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