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Which Binoculars

OK, I realize that because of my age and my propensity to accumulate gear, that I may have more of a choice than some, but I would like to know if anyone other than me changes binoculars based on the hunt.  First of all, let me agree with so many hunting magazines when they tell you to use the "BEST" optics you can afford.  Your binoculars are often more important than your firearm.

For open country mule deer or elk hunts, I carry a good set of 10X42's.  I know I'll spend a lot of time behind the class so I want the biggest and best I can get.  I want them to be heavy and solid.  I also want them to be of a quality that I don't end up with a headache after an hour or so of glassing.

For treestand and most archery hunts where my shots will be closer, I choose a much lighter, compact set of (still very good quality) 8X25's.  I figure that the time spent glassing is much less and the distance I look is also less, so I opt for a lighter pair.  I don't want that heavy set around my neck in a treestand all day.

If I was going to do some moderate distance hunting, I might even switch to a set of 7X35's or something.

Am I the only crazy guy out there changing binoculars for different kinds of hunts?

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I only own two pairs of

I only own two pairs of binoculars right now, A 8x Leupold Cascade and a 10x42 Leupold Mojave. I used the 8 power for several years until they needed to go in for repairs and bought the 10's while I was waiting just in case I didn't get the others back in time. I did feel I could use more power thus my choice for the second pair. Right now I use the new ones all the time and my son will carry the 8's as he never buys anything of his own yet.

If hunting closer I would choose the 8 power though as they are somewhat lighter. But with a good set of binocular straps such as the badlands model the weight is hardly an issue. But of course I rarely hunt where I can't see at least several hundred yards most of the day glassing oak brush hillsides so the bigger glass helps in that situation.

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don’t tend to swap out binocs.

I don’t tend to swap out binocs. I use my “best set” when I need binoculars and carry none at all when I don’t think carrying my best set is worth the weight. But I do carry smaller sets in the car with me and leave another set on the window sill at home for peering into the woods….

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