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Which AR-10?
For some reason i am wanting to get rid of my springfield armory socom16 and get an ar-10. both same caliber, but the socom is limited to scout type of sights.

I know not all ar-10's are the same, but which one would you suggest?

I do like the fn scar heavy and the LM&T guns, but wow, the price is up there. But either gun would be awesome to have. I don't see hunting with this but just good ole fun and some accurate mid distance shooting. 0-600 yards.


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Today I hunt with a Rock

Today I hunt with a Rock River AR-10. I have owned an FNAR and it was okay but it was heavy just like your Socom I'll bet. So I recommend the Rock River from a practical use perspective.

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I have no expirience with the AR10 as everything in that platform is a 5.56/.223 caliber for me. With that said, one of my friends really likes his personally owned Rock River in .308 caliber. I would look at the manufacturer and guage which one I would go with based on their AR15/M4 suitability.

For me that narrows down the choices considerably. 

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