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wheres the pigs?? (carlsbad, N.M.)

anybody from or around carlsbad NM ???
im looking for some areas to hunt wild pigs,

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wheres the pigs?? (carlsbad, N.M.)

I grew up in Hobbs New Mexico and I have never seen a pig in the whole lea, eddy county area. But I have been gone for about 10 years so things could have changed. Lots of dear, quail, dove, coyotes and the such though.

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wheres the pigs?? (carlsbad, N.M.)

hey i used to work around the river in malaga and i've seen some down there

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wheres the pigs?? (carlsbad, N.M.)

Along the Pecos river from Roswell south I've never physicaly seen a pig but I've seen a lot of sign of them rooting and what not.

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I'm from Carlsbad. The pigs are mainly located around the Pecos River. Best opportunities to harvest one will be late evening near the water, as they only leave the thick brush about sundown. During the day you will have to hunt the thick stuff along the river or the big ravines that run down to the river. In the thick stuff, use a shotgun with slugs and buckshot for close range work. They are fast and the salt cedars are pretty thick. I have a buddy that hunts them with dogs and they have had quite a bit of success. But he's a maniac and kills the pigs with a knife while the dogs hold the pig. Big smile Good lluck in finding some. Hunt the 7 revers area up-river of the WMA. The salt cedars are thick in that area, but there are a bunch of hogs up there. Go right after a rain or snow and the sign is easy to spot and tracking has a better chance of success. With the number of pigs in the area, determining the freshest sign (ie. right after a rain or snow) is a big help.

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