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Where to you Prefer to Shoot Your Deer?

When i loook back on the last 4 deer 1mulie+ 3 whitetail/ and two elk I have shot...The mulie was shot just behind the shoulder, literally pushed it over stone dead with just a final leg quiver (300 win mag. 1 whitetail same exact shot bullett pushed it over stone dead where it stood. Whitetail # 2 shot in the neck and keeled over stone dead with a 270WSM silver tip 130Gr. whitetail #3 was facing me at a slight angle shot it in the chest with the 270WSM 130Gr silver tip knocked it over and it died immediately Heart destroyed and some lung. Elk #1 Surpised both elk and me as I came around a corner on a closed off logging road at about 4600 feet in fairly heavy timber had about 5 seconds max to get off a shot or never see them agion on the last day of a 4 day hunt shot it in the neck...it didnt even take another step stone dead with 270WSM 140 Gr failsafe. Elk #2 quatering away shot slightly behind and between last two ribs got lungs and heart died stone dead with 140gr failsafe 270WSM.
Am I luck or good?

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Where to you Prefer to Shoot Your Deer?

Pretty much a sure thing. There are exceptions.
Head shots are an absolute. I don't keep trophies or take pictures so, head shots aren't out of the question. The distance of the shot and the angle determine my aim point.
I like to keep the antlers in tact. I use them for a variety of projects.

Shame on You! I personally would never take a head shot to any animal. Thats a yellow flag for unsportsmanlike conduct[/b]

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Where to you Prefer to Shoot Your Deer?

center of the shoulder,does the job every time Thumbs up

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Where to you Prefer to Shoot Your Deer?

I prefer to shoot right behind the shoulder.

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