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Where would you Hunt

If points were no option and you could just go and hunt, where in Colorado would you hunt for Elk on Public land??? Trophy or Meat???? You Choose!!!! Best of the best!!!

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For elk ?

I would hunt unit 40, 61, and of course my all time favorite OTC unit. For trophies and meat. Yes  

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Nothing would change. I'd

Nothing would change. I'd hunt the unit I live in.

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I would go back to unit 10.

I would go back to unit 10. Partly because I now know it pretty well, partly because In know what I missed out on when I hunted it and partly because I do own 35 acres there.

But of course after that first year it would be just like any other otc unit.

I will be hunting cows there for meat in the future anyway though. It's a very interesting area.

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For OTC, I'd like to take another crack at Idaho's Middle Fork country.

For limited draw, I'd like 10 or 2 here in Colorado, but I'll never accumulate enough points.  I doubt I'll be able to accumulate more than what I'd need for 76 or 40.  I'll be back up to 2 this year and will have to see how this archery thing goes for the next couple to see whether or not I'll burn those points on muzzleloader bull tags or hold out for an archery trophy unit.

For Utah and Wyoming, not sure which units for elk yet.  For muleys, it would be 102 Wyoming, but I'm not sure I can catch that unit.  For Utah muleys, I probably can't catch the Henry Mountains or Pauns, but I'll try.  If not, I've got some other ideas.

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In colorado

In Colorado I would go to unit 2 or10 for a trophy. For meat I would stay around Granby just because I have hunted here my entire life and know the unit well. (even though some people really frown on those units ha!) In Wyoming I have been applying for unit 22 for elk and 90 for deer. I will draw them eventually because I have max points for both. After the draw I will have 7 points for elk and 4 for deer in colo. I will cash the deer in next year and will be looking to cash the elk in as well in the near future.

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I would

hunt 2 or 851 for trophy elk and slink on back to 55 just for the beautiful country and to try and fill the freezer!! 54 for a late cow! Trying to burn my points this year so I can go back to my honey holes!!

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If I could hunt anywhere for

If I could hunt anywhere for a trophy deer and elk I doubt that Colorado would even get a mention except for the Northwest coroner for elk. 

I would pack up my gear and head for the Kiabab in Arizona or the Henry Mountains in Utah for deer, those two areas can not be beat for a trophy.  Now for elk it would really be a toss up.  I would lean very heavily to wards the Monroe unit in Utah which is where the Spider Bull came from.  I personally know of a couple other monster elk on that unit.  If not the Monroe I would head for the Southwest Desert or the San Juan's also in Utah.  The size of the elk in those units are hard to beat.

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