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Where would you go?

Ok if you was going to send a guy anywhere on a once in a lifetime hunt for a trophy antelope to hang on the wall, where would you send them and why?

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for the big boys, you need to

for the big boys, you need to go to Chino Vally AZ good luck on getting one of the tags there This gene pool produces Hugh horns if you are not looking for the next world record I would look in Wyoming, more antelope than people in the state, i would look around Laramie, Good animals, Good Horns, i know where to go (grew up in the area). there are always a couple that are book animals taken in the area and you will not kill yourself hunting them.

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M. Bird is right, AZ is the place to go for the big'uns.

Good luck getting a tag however. I'll take WY over AZ for the opportunity to hunt.

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Been trying forever

I have been trying forever to draw an AZ tag for "speed goats". I agree with Biker and Bird. 80" plus goats if you can pass on the first 70+ incher you see. I think New Mexico would be a great hunt also. Many landowner tags available and 80 inchers coming out of there also. But thats if you want to spend $3000 +/- on an Antelope!

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