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Where to start?

Hey everyone,

I was just curious as to what game I should start with? I've been hunting for pheasent but I want to get into bigger game. I'm not new to shooting or hunting and I have all the necessary things done like the safety course and foid card. I own a 12 gauge, 25-06 and a 270 Winchester which I take out shooting regularly. Does anyone know a place that I could start? Not many people hunt around me anymore (Northern Illinois) but I have two close friends who also want to get into it with me.

I guess my question would be, what game do I start with (deer?) and would it be unwise to find somewhere in Wisconsin where my friends and I could go for a weekend and stay in a hut? I know this is very vague but hopefully someone understands what all I'm asking exactly.

Just realized that rifle season in Wisonsin is in November. That puts a damper on things.

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