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Where to live in Wyoming?

What are the best areas to live in Wyoming for hunting and fishing? I'm from Wisconsin so I would prefer an area with good whitetail hunting. So far I've applied for positions in Gillette, Sheridan, and Powell. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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Where to live in Wyoming?

Unless you are a billionare, I would rule out north western Wyoming.
Another thought for whitetails is the Idaho panhandle. Since you are looking to move west.

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Where to live in Wyoming?

If you are moving from Wisconsin: why not try the big leagues and start hunting Mule deer (I know that will hit the cord on somebody Evil! ). If you must have the white tail to hunt try the North East part of the state, Maybe New Castle or Lusk. Just remember Wyoming does not have many people or job. Best of luck

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Where to live in Wyoming?

Hey rdcook10,
I'm not sure about the fishing in Wyoming, but I hunted the area north of Gillette for 7-8years when I lived in WI. The area we hunted had very few whitetails when I first went there in the mid 90's, but now the whitetails have virtually taken over the draws along the farm fields. We hunted private land and I know the very little public land that was available in that area got hit pretty hard. But there is a good population of whitetails, mule deer and antelope in that area if you can find a place to hunt.
I would agree with wlfdg that the Idaho panhandle has good whitetail hunting and alot of public land to hunt. Good luck on your search.