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Where to hunt turkey help!!

Hi so this will be my first time hunting and All I need is some camo jacket and pants if you could recommend some cheap websites btw I'm 13 so it needs to be like kinda small. I live in Roseville, ca and I need to know some good places to hunt turkey around here. Thanks, Jake

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I can't help on where to go

I can't help on where to go but as far as the cammo go on down to your local army surplus store if you have one and just pick up some woodland camo or even the newer digital cammo and it should be fine.  Also see if you can find a face mask.  If you don't have a store near you that sells it you can try Soldier City, look under BDU's  http://www.soldiercity.com/?utm_source=newsletter-041911&utm_medium=email 


One more thing, when you submit an answer or ask a question on this web site just click the submit or save button just once.  It takes a while for the information to load up and you won't get multiple post. 

Good luck on your turkey hunt.

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