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Where to hunt in Chambersburg PA

Here is the story. I've been hunting the same area for 13 years...since I was 12. I have only bagged one buck, or one deer period in that time, and the deer was a 4 point, which was legal then. I currently hunt off of Neman road close to Faytevile. Its only 20-30 min from where I live. I don't know any people, so I'm looking for other parts of State Game lands that have more of a deer population?


I live in Greencastle PA, and I am also looking for a closer place to small game hunt.

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Not too sure about areas in

Not too sure about areas in Pennsyvania, but I wanted to say welcome to the board.  There may be one or 2 guys on here that hunt in that area, so you may get lucky.  Make sure you browse the forums, and throw up some stories and photos of your own hunts.  There's lots of information to be found on this board!


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