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Where to hunt

If there was anywhere in the country, considering game laws, tag drawing, and hunting public land, where would it be. I am not interested in outfitters on private land. No offense to the outfitters. Also, I would be looking for a guide if anyone is interested.

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Help on this board or lack of

there seems to be no one interested in help you or me. If it were the other way around I would comment.

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Where to hunt

I have not done it yet, but plan to, and the best answer I get is Colorado. Of course, i am just looking at meat, so a cow or any legal bull is good for me for my first elk, and the seasons there are numerous, there is alot of huntable land, and there are alot of tags available.

If you want trophies, I think getting a tag becomes more difficult, and you'll see more and more of it involving outfitters.......

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Where to hunt

Utah offers over the counter tags for spike elk for most of the state. Open Bull for a very limited area. Trophy bull and cow hunts are given out by lottery. 70% of Utah is public land, so lots of places to hunt.. We usually get a spike orcow every year, but I've been trying for 14 years to draw a trophy bull tag.

Idaho has over the counter elk tags. But it is rough country. We have applied for and drawn tags in New Mexico with out too much trouble, Usually archery or Muzzle loader seasons down there. Colorado has tags, but most of the premium units require a bunch of bonus points. Wyoming has a lottery, but you can usually draw every 3-4 years. Surf the state fish and game website, look at their draw results decide what areas you are interested in and start applying.

Guides will cost a couple thousand for public land and more with access to private. Can you do it with out a guide, Sure but your odds won't be as good. If you have the time to come and learn the habits of the elk, scout the country, you can be successful on your own. Most people have 5 days to hunt and no time to scout, that's why they pay somebody else to guide them.

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Where to hunt

Utah's limited entry elk units!!!

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Where to hunt

Colorado has more elk than anywhere, If I were coming from out of state I would build up 3 or 4 preferance points, hunt muzzleloader or early rifle do lots of home work looking up stats,maps,reading ,phone local DOW officers in the off season and once you pick a unit try to come out one summer or fall to get to know it a little. or at least come two or three days early.To hunt anywhere in the west with out a guide some place that you have never seen is a big order. I live here, hunt for $46 and dont have to drive far and I wont hunt a counter tag . good luck

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Re: Where to hunt
misterbuck wrote:
If there was anywhere in the country, considering game laws, tag drawing, and hunting public land, where would it be. I am not interested in outfitters on private land. No offense to the outfitters. Also, I would be looking for a guide if anyone is interested.

I'm confused...not interested in outfitters but looking for a guide? They are one and the same...

If you're looking for Elk...Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada

Mule Deer...Utah, Arizona, Colorado, limited entry Idaho

Antelope...Wyoming, Utah or limited entry Idaho

Whitetails...hunt the Milk River in Montana

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Where to hunt

Ok... The Newbie hunter is going to share some very limited advice.

The Colorado Department of Wildlife staff are the best!

I am a cop who lives in Florida who will be attending a police conference in Denver in October. The conference ends as the First Rifle Season begins.

I am planning the dream hunt of a life-time for my 50th birthday (September) and extending my time in Colorado following the confence to do a little elk hunting. While the DOW can be difficult to initially get through to on the phone - they will spend as much as an hour on the phone with you.

Living in Florida, I had a ton of questions about the application process, where I might be able to pull a non-resident permit ..... with some type of chance of obtaining the permit, AND actually seeing an Elk.

I have had many conversations with the DOW staff, and each time they have been great!

The stats, web information, licensing process, et al, can seem overwhelming if you are not familiar with the process. Every time I have called the DOW, they have answered my questions and have been nothing but extraordinary.

Give them a call. They will answer your questions, will not rush you off the phone and will send you a ton of information through the mail as well.

Happy hunting!



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Where to hunt

Your question is pretty vague. Do you want a trophy?
I've lived/camped/fished/hunted in Colorado for almost 20 years now. I have been (foolishly sometimes) trying to harvest a trophy bull on public land for 7 years and have yet to harvest one. Every few years I draw for a restricted area and usually see a few more elk, but no dice.

My point is a do it yourself hunt, for a trophy bull elk, is extremely difficult. Trying it on public land in an over-the-counter unit is even more difficult.

Sure some get lucky. But "some" usually doesn't include you. Very few are exceptional hunters who actually have a decent chance of pulling it off. I'm getting long winded, sorry. I would recommend using the services of a guide.

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Where to hunt

My first pick would be a few limited entry units here in Utah and then Arizona.

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Where to hunt

If you haven't gone more than a few times.....and expect to be successful.....hire an outfitter and the guide. You might try reading some of the good books on it . They all state the obvious,if you live it and hunt it every year,the average success rate is ...12% It is not like the videos,unless you pay for a guide and privacy.And even then any guide worth spit will tell you right off " No Garuntee's". Good luck and good hunting!

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