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Where to go squirrel hunting in Colorado?

I just moved to Colorado a few years ago, and now that i am fully settled i want to get back into hunting. Previously i lived in Georgia, and squirrel hunting was one of my favorite pass times. Over the 3 years i have lived in Colorado, i have tried to hunt them but could never find an area alot of them. And now that my son is old enough to hunt, i would like to take him out somewhere where we will get alot of shooting opprotunities. Any tips on where i should go? I live in the Front Range (more specifically, the Centenial/ Parker area). From what I hear, there is a good fox squirrel population in the Front Range. I just cant find them. I would like an area no more than 30-45 minutes away. Thanks!

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squirrel hunting

You can find squirrels anywhere in the mountains where there are trees but your not going to find em bunched up, you have to go to them where you find em.

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Rampart Range has some. 

Rampart Range has some. 



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