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Where to go?

I'm a 20 year old college sophomore who is looking into my first pronghorn hunt. I live in the most northern part of California. My question is; where would the best oppurtunity for me to get a tag be? It doesn't have to be in California, in fact getting drawn in California is nearly impossible from what I've heard. I am on a budget so price is definitely something to be considered. I can bow hunt or rifle (preferably rifle).

Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated.



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Welcome to the site.  First

Welcome to the site.  First of all, don't give up on california.  I know  a few guys who have drawn, and some multiple times.  Look at the units that don't get as much attention, or if there are doe tags available, consider those if you are okay with that.

As for out of state, I think the consensus would probably show Wyoming is the most pupular.  It has liberal tag limits, good success rates, and a good amount of public land.  As for the budget, I don't think it's too expensive.  I know guys that go up there every year, and always get a good lope.

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Thanks Vermonster. I'm

Thanks Vermonster. I'm definitely looking into Wyoming, but even the zones here in Ca that don't get as much attention have pretty tough odds. I have about 3 years left before I get my degree and move back up to AK. I'm really hoping that I can get it done before then.


Again thanks for the welcome.