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Where to find extractor piece?

My Remington 760 .270 pump rifle needs a new extractor piece. I don't know where to find one. Anybody know?

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You can order one from

You can order one from Brownells but it says that it requires a gunsmith to install it.  Also at this time it is on back order.  You can also check out Ebay but you will also need to buy the rivet and have a gunsmith install it for you.  If you Google Remington 760 extractor you will get a lot of hit on where you may be able to purchase one and one of the shops may be near you if you check enough of them.       

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Always had good luck dealing with Brownells, always seemed more reasonable than Midway USA.

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Could just take it to a

Could just take it to a gunsmith to have them order the piece and install it.  If you just want the part, then Numrich is a good source as well.


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