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Where does everyone shoot?

ranges scare me, to many people. It also helps that i live in the county not in a city.

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Where does everyone shoot?
csumerall wrote:
I shoot at a club, dues are $60 a year they have a 600yd,550yd,300yd,and 50yd rifle ranges a archery 80yd range and coming soon a 24 station 3d archery range. Ive been told its one of the few long ranges in the area.

Seem from what I hear, all you guys living in the Pacific northwest (Washington and Oregon) have the better advantage for both club dues and public land available. My in-laws live in rural Oregon and their property backs up to a ton of BLM land. My father-in-law walks out behind his house about 100 yards and he has it made. When he wants a better facility to shoot, like a range with benches and such he drives ten minutes to a public range that charged only $5 all day to shoot.

I shoot mostly at a really nice range on a state park about 30 miles from home. In fact it's the only privately managed shooting range located on a State Park in the whole USA. Up until 5 years ago it was $10 per person all day and you could get to the range on a public road by by-passing the park enterance without paying a state park fee. They have since late 2003 closed off that public road access making everyone pay $8 fee to enter the park, plus pay an inflated range fee of $13 a person per day. For me it's also an added $13 in gas I spend as well. That's $34 plus the cost of ammo Brick Wall,) Of course it is a very nice facility and one of the few public ones near by. There is another range for trap and sporting clays range about 25 minutes from me in the opposite direction for $35 100rnd sporting clays. An Indoor pistol range in a basement of a gunshop another 25 miles south of me for $14 per shooter, if you were'nt shooting, the range officer would not even know you were there. eye roll My other options are a the generosity of some private gun clubs that are open the public the first weekend of spring/summer months. $10 per shooter, but if you aren't a member, they only allow you restricted use of a small portion of their facility. Colorado is now starting to prohibit shooting on national forest land. This State fairs better than most as far as gun ownership laws are concerned, but it isn't very friendly or easy for the shooting public, despite the Div of Wildlifes policy on maintaining and adequit number of shooting ranges.

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Where does everyone shoot?

I shoot on my own property. It's one of the advantages of living out in the country. Ya gotta love rural America.

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Where does everyone shoot?

I step out my basement door and have a 50 and 100 yd target set up. Good to go.

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Where does everyone shoot?

I shoot at the range that is at my work place. One of the "fringe benefits" !!!

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