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Where did you get your biggest hog?

Michael Lee puts some bacon on the ground in Florida! Where did you get your biggest hog?


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It's hard to beat florida for hogs. I grew up hunting down there and they are all over the place...


All though the video you linked was a waste of 3:24 seconds of my life... Shooting a hog out of the window of a truck under a orange tree is far from hunting.

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Biggest Hog

I took my biggest hog ever, a free ranging boar in January 2009. My Buddy, hunting with me also took a big one that year and we've taken two more well over 200 pounds in the last couple years. A couple pics of mine:

Big Georgia Boar.jpg
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Big Boar from 09.JPG
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I don't know if this counts

I don't know if this counts but I will tell my story anyways.  In Texas, Shackleford county, I was bow hunting on our family lease on opening deer season.  I was setup watching a wheat field and a feeder tucked away in the trees. 

After about 20 minutes of sitting I heard some snorting in the wheat field.  There were a few mid sized (solid black) hogs with about 12 little footballs running around.  Then, big boy came out.  He was snorting and ran up to the other hogs that were already out there.  He was black from his shoulders to his face and his butt was black.  He looked like an oreo cookie.  Hence the nickname "Oreo".  He never came in for a shot but I told my wife back at camp about him and that he was easy to identify.

That evening my wife and I hunted and saw nothing but more hogs but not Oreo.  We had 2 hog traps set on the lease and when we returned from eating dinner we checked the traps, it was late.  Sure thing, when we pulled up, there was Oreo.  We caught him!

Like an idiot, I forgot to wire the door shut so he couldn't nose his way out.  The next morning when we went to go take care of him he was gone.  The infamous Oreo was still out there.  He was huge too.  My dad said that once a hog gets trapped that he won't return to that trap again.  The next day my dad joined us to hunt and that morning as we passed by the traps Oreo had trapped himself again.  So much for that theory.  Instead of shooting him, we loaded him up in our trailer and took him to Cisco and sold him.  He weighed 352lbs and yeilded a nice paycheck.


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I've killed a ton of them

I've killed a ton of them here in Florida. Largest one was right at 200 lbs on the hoof, he weighed in at 184 field dressed.  Got him on a WMA in the Panhandle.

The largest I ever killed was a 230 pounder off of a friends farm in Eufala Alabama off of a slough on Lake Eufala. Made the 12 ft john Boat we were in ride right at the water line with him, my fiiend, myself and two dogs and equiptment. The dogs wern't Hog Dogs either, we were squirrel Hunting when we came across the beast and he was none too happy to see us near his favorite wallow.
Always carry 00 Buck as a back up when squirrel hunting in swamps!!

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