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Where did the use of scent originate from?

Hello How many of you know where the use of scent came from? Did you know that it originated with the Cree Indians! What they would do is get the scent glad from a deers leg and scrape it of into a leather pouch. Then they would go out into the field and SPREAD the scent gland on the ground, trees, brush etc. Then the next morning they would return to the area they had spread the scent gland and there would be deer in that same area. To this day they still use this technique that has been passed down for generations. I thought a few you might find this interesting as to where the use of scent originated from. Thanks for reading R. Smith::hello1

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I believe that it happened

I believe that it happened way before that even.  Any hunter/trapper knows the value of scent.  And if you look at the hunting methods of a thousand+ years ago they needed something in their favor to be able to get some meat or hides for survival. 

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I would say Indians they where great hunters but who knows maybe even before them!

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That'a pretty cool. We should

That'a pretty cool. We should all try that today.

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