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Where did the pigs go?

My ranch lies near Coalinga, Ca.  Up until this year... or perhaps mid 2010, wild pigs were out of control.  We couldn't go to my ranch without seeing them.  A friend over a ridge near Priest Valley had the same issue on his ranch.  So many that 'damage' was becoming a major problem.  

Now this year... I can't find a pig, no sign, not a track to be seen.  This after YEARS of overpopulation.  

Recently my band played over near Holister, Ca, on a ranch just south... near Tres Pinos.  I asked the manager of the ranch what he was seeing and he reported the same... no pigs, as in NONE.

Now they didn't just 'disappear'.. or die out... but I'm not sure what happened to them.  So unless some catastrophe struck them someone, somewhere, has one major pig problem. - JamesJM

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That's an interesting situation you seem to have there. I've never hunted hogs in any "arid" areas, only in swampy areas in Georgia (mainly) and S.C. Is there any problem with any water sources on your ranches? I am not really familiar with your climate there, but hogs in the S.E. have a definite need for water, especially during the summer months, not only to drink, but to help them cool (they do not sweat)

Perhaps if some older water source is now running dry during the summer? I am simply throwing some ideas out there. Also, I'd say if there are some hollows/canyons nearby that are now overgrown and too thick for most to venture into, perhaps they are hiding most daylight hours there.



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Good ideas, Tndeerhunter

But water is no different.  It's actually 'semi-arid' there... not really arid.  We have a creek that runs all year except in extreme drought... which we ARE having this year but the creek is still running.  And it's certainly not a Tn creek... much smaller.

We can't put our finger on it.... water and food sources are the same.  It's certainly possible that they are holding up in dense brush areas but we're not seeing any sign anywhere.  Our pigs roam, we've never known them to stick around one area for a day, much less a year.  We have a couple of springs that seep water and I've checked around one, nothing, and the other is kind of hard to get to so I haven't check there.  It's a mystery. - JamesJM

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wher do they go...

pretty weird disappear, but im not surprised. Im in sw Oklahoma and covering a few hundred acres of land my dad has had problems with his land. Back to the point though, they just make or break sometimes imo. You seem over and over then they vanish. Sometimes you cant figure out nature but i have feeling you still might see some action back around...hopefully not though right. good day and good hunting 

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Huh, interesting for sure.  I

Huh, interesting for sure.  I know that on Tejon, they jsut had a great December hunt, with about a 50% success rate for 100 hunters.  Sounds like they are still seeing some good numbers down there.  Hopefully that will continue into the next hunt they have.

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