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where to coyote hunt in socal?

my brother and i just got into hunting. my pops wanted us to learn at a yong age but we were never into it.now that he passed his rifles and shotguns to us we r now into it. we live in orange county,ca and willing to drive 2-3 hours away. i'm not asking for special spots but area and trust me we will find our special spots. we r looking to hunt rabbitt(cotton or jacks) and yotes please help and when we go we will tell u some spots. also the rifles for the yotes r winchester 243,300 mag,30-06 what do you recommend?

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where to coyote hunt in socal?

.243 for the coyotes

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where to coyote hunt in socal?

I am also looking for some spots in socal, what about the high desert? Barstow/ Lucerne area? Jawbone canyon?

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