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Where to camp????

Ok, I'm getting down to the finishing touches on my elk hunt. I picked up my new Garmin gps yesterday at Bass Pro. I'm bringing my pop up camper and am looking for a place to pull off and camp. I'm hunting in Gunnison NF, I just checked out my generator yesterday to make sure it would run the heat and everything. I had to buy a hitch extension just so I can haul my four wheeler with the tailgate down. So if anyone has any ideas on good roads to camp along and don't mind sharing with me I would appreciate it. 

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I can't help you on where to

I can't help you on where to camp at but if you are bringing a ATV into Colorado to use on the hunt it needs to be registered with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. If you don't have time to get the sticker print out the temporary permit and sign it and keep it with the ATV. Also if you haven't hauled the ATV with the tailgate down before make sure that it isn't going to bounce. You wouldn't believe the number of tailgates that I have seen destroyed hauling a ATV that way over bumpy roads. http://www.parks.state.co.us/Registrations/Non%20Resident%20Permits/Page...

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Kansity - I have camped

Kansity - I have camped numerous time during the summer months at the BLM Almont Campground right below the start of the Gunnison River, and if I was hunting either 54 or 55 it would be my first choice for several reasons. You will not have to worry about getting snowed in and you can either head up Hwy. 135 to CB or upriver to Taylor Res. I think they charge $6, and I would imagine you need to bring your own water, since they will shut down the hand pump.

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The Almont campground only

The Almont campground only has 10 camp sites ($10 per night). Call the Gunnison Ranger District at 970-641-0471 for definite camping information as they may be closed by 2nd season.

You are able to camp most anywhere within the National Forest so if you know where you will be going for hunting and it is accessible with the ATV you are bringing then you can plan accordingly. Good Luck in your hunting efforts.

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