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Re: where to archery hunt SD mullies

im also looking to hunt mullies for the 1st time in Harding Cty SD...

what does the walk in area mean?

is this a good area to use archery equipment?

is the tag over counter or lottery/prefrence?

please let me know!

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Re: where to archery hunt SD mullies

walk-in-areas are just as they sound - foot traffic only. no ATV's or motorized vehicles of any kind. this is land that the state has leased from private farmers/ranchers. you don't need permission from them, just respect the land as you would anywhere else. these leases are only for one year, so if the rancher has issues with inconsiderate hunters, he can pull his land from the program after one year.
Archery hunting in Harding Co would be just as challenging as any other place in SD.
the tags for archery,as i said above, are unlimited - you just have to get a application off the GF&P website, fill it out, pay your money, and your in. Rifle tags are limited and require preference points to draw.

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