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wher are all the bear hunters

im shocked to see nothing on this site when bear hunts start in 1-2 months maybe there should be a houndsman site for guys who hunt with hounds ? Confused

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Re: wher are all the bear hunters

Sorry... no spring bear down here in New Mexico but it would be nice!!!!!

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Re: wher are all the bear hunters

Speaking for myself, in Alberta you have to do something with the hide. That's always stopped me from shooting a bear$$$ (seen lot's). Now, however, I've been reading up on "home tanning". Won't be this year as 2nd child is graduating, getting ready for college, etc, etc, etc, so a spring bearhunt is just out of the question. Next year, however.....I'm already planning. Aside from salt and alum for the hide, I'm planning on taking up some plastic pails, injector and fixin's, so I can start the hams right away. Prob. go for fall hunt as I know an area where the bear population is 1/2 square miles, and the wild blueberry/strawberry/rasberry/bunchberry population is unbelievable. Never tasted bear, but I plan to.

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Re: wher are all the bear hunters

Still a month till we can even start hauling baiting stuff into the woods, an with this years weather it will probably be a couple weeks till the browns start stirring in any numbers.Hope to get out next week an look over a few places but don't expect much.

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Re: wher are all the bear hunters

Sorry. I don't hunt the poor and defenseless bear. That's just cruel. Evil!

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Re: wher are all the bear hunters

I got drawn for a Spring Bear Permit here in Washington, April 15th, - June 15th.
I have been out a few times but have only found old sign so far...
Going back in the woods !

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Early bear season in the

Early bear season in the Adk's of NY starts mid Sept.  I will be on a moose hunt in Newfoundland then so will miss it.  Best bet is I will be chasing ol Boo Boo in northern NY end of Sept early Oct!  A little too stoked about the moose hunt to be getting worked up about bears right now.

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Bear Hunters

Hi Hunter G-

I hunt Black Bear in New Hampshire, this will be my fourth year. I will be heading up in the next couple of weeks to get my stand hung and try out my new Suzuki King Quad 750. I can't bait until September 1st./ Which is also when the season opens!




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