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Most guys around here take it

Most guys around here take it in to couple small lockers where you can hang it for about $20. They'll process it for you there too if you want. I hang it for a few days in an old stand up freezer that I semi-modified to fit a deer with the head cut off. I'll plug it on and off just to keep it cool, when i get home or leave for work.There is a pic on the 2011 white tail scorecard page I think. I'll hang it from when I get it till the weekend usually, when I have time to do it. I always hang it with the hide on, then skin it when you process it keeps that outer layer nice. Works for me.

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As long as you can...

In ideal conditions (i.e. a sanitary, climate controlled butcher's cooler with all blood-shot professionally trimmed etc) they can hang up 21 days. In an old fridge probably 2 weeks tops. In your garage, assuming cool (<50deg) temps probably a week tops. And as CaVermontster pointed out; in hot climates you'll be lucky to manage a couple days. The longer you hang in, the more tender the meat will be. If your deer is less than 3.5 yr old (and lets face it, most that are harvested by hunters are) tenderness is not as big of an issue. I've had deer cut up within 24hrs of being shot when hunting a remote camp in unseasonably warm weather (a 2 yr old doe shot  one evening, hung it overnight and butchered it after lunch the next day so it would fit in the camps fridge), most have been hung 3 days but that has more to do with how busy Terry is than a quality issue.

Up here we usually have the opposite problem in rifle season - keeping them from freezing while hanging.

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As soon as I gut the deer, it

As soon as I gut the deer, it goes in the back of my pickup and I drive straight to a my father-in-law's buddy.  Unload it into his walk-in freezer and wait about a week for him to call me.  I take a case of beer and a $50 bill when I go pick up my deer all processed, cut and wrapped.


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I'm different

I guess I'm different.  I gut and skin the deer as soon as I can get it home. 

Backstraps and tenderloins come off immediately and they are as sweet and tender as can be. So much for any need to age the deer! I have never seen a deer too tough to chew so I don't understand any of the talk about letting a deer hang and begin to decompose to "tenderize".

I start working up the deer within a few hours of harvest and unless there is a conflict with my work schedule etc. I have the deer cut and wrapped and in the freezer within 24 hours. 

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