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Beat me to it

Was hoping to beat you guys to it



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I just got done reading the

I just got done reading the arrest affidavit's that are in my post #20 on the second page of this thread and all I can say is that thess so called police officers are in some deep dodo.

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Did you read the text

Did you read the text messages from the case? One was talking about finding the broken main beam so they could repair it for a mount. How stupid were these guys. I'm glad they got arrested. 

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Im glad

Im glad that they are being prosecuted.. Shows them they are not above the law like the rest of us.. Looks like they may even lose their jobs, since you can not have a felony and be police officer.. Props to people doing their job investigating this POACHING!!!!

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Agreed. NO special treatment.

Agreed. NO special treatment.

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Looks like they are throwing

Looks like they are throwing the book at the 2 cops for poaching the elk in Boulder.  The local paper reported today they were charged with 4 felonies and 5 misdemeanors.  Apparently, a local animal rights group also wanted them to be charged with another felony crime for cruelty to animals.  

Sounds like the third cop (a Boulder county sheriff's deputy, I think) wasn't charged but could be if other evidence implicates he participated in any way other than talking about it with the other 2.  Hopefully the trial will be straight forward and these 2 nincompoops will get what they deserve.

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When I first heard about this I was afraid they would get away with it. I am happy to see they are not.


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Boulder is the last place

Boulder is the last place they should have tried this. That's the capital city for treehuggers.

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All I have to say about that is shame of those cops.  Shame on them!  They should get no special treatment.  Shame on those neighborhood residence too.  They should all be charged and fined with harboring and feeding wildlife, which they have all openly admitted to doing with that elk.  That's also against the law.  None of them should get off easy either.

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