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When neck of the woods unfamiliar.. where to start?

I am an experienced CA hunter that wants to hunt in a different region. I dont want to take the trip to gamble on an area 'I think' is active but I also dont want to overpay to enjoy the woods (so no outfitters).

How have you expanded your hunting grounds to distant places?

or have you stayed in the same area because of the unfamiliarity of other areas? 

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You just have to go and see

You just have to go and see what is going on in the new area.  Scoutting trips during the summer is one way to learn a new area.  If there is fishing in the area take a pole and split the trip up into a few parts of looking for animals and then fishing for a while.  If you don't fish then just do a camping trip into the new area and then look around. 

I have always had fairly good luck when moving to a area that I have never been to before, but then I don't go expecting to see every animal in that area but enjoy the new area for what it offers.

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Excellent advice above!

Excellent advice above! Another way to "scout" would be to pull up maps of the area (Google Earth?) and have a look-see as to what surrounds the new area. Is there easy access for you (and maybe truckloads of other hunters?). Are there specific, notable terrain features that might enhance or detract from the area? Are there areas of transition that whitetails are known to frequent and love?

Food (crops?) available? And also my favorite places to hunt whitetails, especially in the rut, funnels, both natural and man-made. Perhaps you can confirm some or all these things from your desk and computer before making the decision to take the important step already mentioned above to go and physically walk and scout the area looking for traces of old sign and new tracks and droppings to confirm game is present/plentiful.

Good Luck!


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