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When neck of the woods unfamiliar.. where to start?

I am an experienced CA hunter that wants to hunt in a different region. I dont want to take the trip to gamble on an area 'I think' is active but I also dont want to overpay to enjoy the woods (so no outfitters). How have you expanded your hunting grounds to distant places? or have you stayed in the same area because of the unfamiliarity of other areas? 

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Welcome to BGH. If I plan to

Welcome to BGH. If I plan to hunt a new area I simply go and scout it. I do my map research first and take a road trip at least 2 or 3 times before deciding if I will hunt the area. I have only used an outfitter twice and it was the same guy but they can be good if you get the right outfitter and do not have the time to scout out of state. However, after several years of trying to find that "Honey Hole" I have pretty much stayed in the same area for deer and elk. Main reason is that I like the area, see plenty of game and most important know the area well.  

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