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When does your deer season end?

Here in Michigan, our last whitetail season ends on January 1st.  I know a lot of other states go into January which makes me a little jealous.  

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end of season

Here in Tennessee we have a split gun season with a two week hiatus in the middle, about 5 weeks total. It ends on the 9th of January this year. In Kentucky we still have a week long late M/L season left, from 11-19 Dec and bow ends finally on 16 Jan, I believe.

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idk i shoot doe whenever i

idk i shoot doe whenever i need to, to thin down the herd where i hunt but you need to get a permit to do it i do this to get a higher buck to doe ratio so that we can actually use calls and ratler them in without a problem because the bucks think there is something to fight for when there arnt as many does to breed.

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middle to western NC. Rifle

middle to western NC. Rifle was Nov 20-1 Jan....I'm jealous of the guys in SC. they have a much longer season.

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Georgia lease January

Georgia lease January 15th,here in Florida January 23rd....I hunt right on a zone line here,if i can find a spot in other zone Febuary 15th...

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The eastern part of NC has a

The eastern part of NC has a gun season from Oct 16 until Jan 1.
I, too, am jealous of the states with hunting season extending past the New Year and some into Feb.
I hunt as much as I can but I would welcome another month of hunting if it were possible.
Cscott, I'm jealous you guys get to hunt during a time when it's likely to snow. Although it snowed yesterday, it is a very rare occassion for us to get snow, much less to get it while hunting season is in.

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Our archery season, the last

Our archery season, the last one open, closes on December 31st.  I guess it used to go into January, but they scaled it back.

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Here in NM our Archery season

Here in NM our Archery season starts it off in September and ends it in the mid of January. Archery last 15 to 24 days, all other seasons are just 5 days long so we cherish each day out hunting.

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Here in Ohio the last open

Here in Ohio the last open season is archery season. It's really the only season I care about because it is the only one I do. This year it ends on February the 6th. 

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Our season in the northern zone in Ga ended on jan 1.  However there is an extended archery season that runs untill the end of january in several countys around Atlanta.

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In New York state the season ends in late December. The regular rifle season is followed by a week of late muzzle loader hunting most years too.

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