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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

Guys, this may seem like a dumb question, but I have been setting up my wildlife cam since last month, but none of the deer I have captured had antlers, is this because they havent grown them, or because they are all does? Thanks.

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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

Hi redneckhunter!

The bucks loose their antler every year, normally in winter. After that a new period of growing and building they get new antlers, then bigger.

Does and bucks can separated because of the rose knobs as we in Germany say. On this knob the antlers are growing.



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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

The antlers start growing almost as soon as the previous one's fall off. It's just difficult to see for a while. They first scab over and then get a layer of velvet covered skin over the pedicle that starts to bulge and grow from that point.

The largest bucks I've seen in my area are slightly taller than their ears and just outside the ears.......at least the one I watched yesterday 6/18/08.

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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

You should be seeing some growth by now. Yes

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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

I saw 4 in a group yesterday afternoon and all of them had about 2-3 inches of nub on top of their heads. This, I think, is a bit early but then again they all had growth and in June no doubt.

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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

Granted, It may be a little different out here in California, but during turkey, the second week of May, I had a group of 3, where one had them 2 inches over his ears already, with 4 inch forks, and another had them even with his ears. And those are mule deer ears.... Yes

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When do Deer grow back there antlers?

you got a bunch of pics of does. they are growing right now.

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