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when do antlers stop growing in Ohio?


I have a decent sized buck on camera from 7-18-11.  I was wondering if I can expect this guy to continue growing or if is his antlers as big as they are going to get this year?  Thanks.

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I don't know about Ohio, but......


I know our bucks here in Colorado keep growing until early to mid September. So I would think that your buck still has some growing to do. Yes


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I agree with elkkill06 and they should grow for another 5-7 weeks. I hope you get some more pics to look at and check some further "growth" and I also hope we get to see a picture of "Mr Big" takin' a dirt nap!! Dancing

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Here in Southern Michigan, antler growth is all done by late August. we start seeing Rubs on trees by mid September.


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They might grow a little bit

They might grow a little bit more but I cant imagine that they would get to much bigger. Here in Iowa we also starrt seeing rubs around early to mid september.

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I live here in East Central

I live here in East Central Ohio. Most of the bucks antlers are done growing by late August. There are probably a few that will grow into September but that number is very minimal. Once that velvet starts cracking and drying out growing season is over and hunting season is about to begin!!!!!

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