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ruger m77 in '06 rem model 7

ruger m77 in '06

rem model 7 in 7-08

m1 garand

rem 597 22

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Remington M 7 in .260 Rem (my

Remington M 7 in .260 Rem (my prefered deer gun)

Ruger Frontier in .308 Win (bear gun)

Marlin M 7 in .270 Win

Weatherbay Advantage in .243 Win

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There's a few more in the safe but when I head out for meat these are the boys that usually go with me.

TC Renegade, left hand percussion, .54

Browning Satainless Stalker, .30-06

Ruger #1AB, .243

Weatherby Vangaurd, .223

Browning BL-22, .22

Now, if I had brought up my oldest daughter right (as in being left handed) I'd have to take over control of her Remington Model 7 .260 & add it to the list also.  Bolt's on the wrong side though so I guess she can keep it.  Great rifle though & personally think the .260 is one of the best overlooked calibers out there.

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Ruger Frontier in

Ruger Frontier in 7mm-08

Browning BAR Safari in .300 Win. Mag.

Ruger Ultralight Stainless Steel in 30-06 SPRG.



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The wife says "to many" and I

The wife says "to many" and I say "not nearly enough"!!!!!!

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When it really gets down to

When it really gets down to it and the job needs to be done I will pull out the .340 Weatherby. 

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all i have anymore is my rem

all i have anymore is my rem 700 30-06. it works for just about everything. its topped with nikon prostaff 3x9x40 with bdc reticle.

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what do shoot?  depends on

what do shoot?  depends on what I'm going to shoot and what season

Big Game Rifle  (Deer, Elk, Goats, bear)- -  Winchester model 70 (pre-64) in 30-06 (nice weather it has great wood) or Savage model 110E in 30-06     Load 165gr Nosler solid base with Norma Brass.

Whitetails: TC encore 7mm-08

Coyotes, fox, badager etc  CZ 527 heavy barrel in 223,  close range is a Remington 1100 12ga

Black powder: TC Encore 50 cal

Pistol: maily for speed goats and deer  Rem. XP100 in 7mm-08

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.300 Savage carbine

I have several battle rifles and target rifles in my collection. The hunting rifle I'm using right now is a carbine I build last summer. It's a Stevens action with a E.R. Shaw 20" sporter barrel chambered in .300 Savage. I put a Sharp Shooter Supply laminated wood hunter stock in rust camo and had all the metal Dura-Coated. I topped it off with a Weaver 4X scope.

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Here in Pa. I use a Accumark

Here in Pa. I use a Accumark in 300 Weatherby for field hunting and a 1895 Guide gun in 45-70 for driving or still hunting. A 700 VS in .223 for groundhogs. Hopefully the 300 will be going mule deer hunting next year in Wyoming. Good luck hunting. PaLuke

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