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I just happen to have a very

I just happen to have a very liberal work schedule.  I only work 14 days a months and I get a week straight off every month.  So I can pretty much plan any kind trip I need to and if I need to take time off it's pretty easy and taking 4 days off can get me two weeks off so I usually hunt on my days off.  I get a mixtures of weekdays and weekends off so I like to hunt weekdays escpecially when it comes to waterfowl as there will not be alot of people out.  It too works well for elk and deer as I can wonder around the woods when most hunters are at work waiting for the weekend.  With all that said I did not get in nearly as much scouting this year as I wanted as home life and the kid took up some of my summer but I would not change a thing here in a few eeks i will be gone for the better part of a months so it all works out.

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Mine are almost exclusively vacation. I had to sit last year out due to a course, this year I'm <ahem> anxiously waiting for 5-13 Nov. The plan is to head back home, God willing. I just have a couple work details that need confirming first; I know I'll be hunting that week, I just don't know where yet.

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I work alot but when falls

I work alot but when falls rolls around I take most of my 2 months vacation a year off. I hunt from sun up till sun down. I like to plan my hunts for week days as i very rarely see anyone else in the woods during the week. It feels like i get the mountains to myself. Now that my early season is done I have to wait till NOV 19th for my late season deer hunt to start again. I took 7 days off in late NOV for hunting deer. I had to save a week of vacation for DEC because I'm having surgery on my shoulder and need to take a weeks vaction before my short term disabilty kicks in other wise I would have 2 weeks of hunting in NOV. I like most people have to plan my hunt well in advance due to work and family obligations. I wish i could just go when i felt like it. now that my kids are getting old enough to go with me I will be able to spend more time in the hills.

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Vacation time is king

We get out hunting big game about 4-5 times each year.  Each trip is usually planned around a long weekend, say maybe a Friday and Monday off to include with the weekend for a 4 day trip.  We also try to leave the day before we plan to hunt, usually after work or at lunch.  I try to sneak out without having to take another full day of vacation.

Even with that, it usually works out to be at least 2 weeks of vacation time taken for hunting each year.  Fortunately, I have a lot of vacation time to use (4 weeks annually) so hunting doesn't have to compete with other vacation time so much.

If I didn't have lots of vacation time, I'd have to choose my hunts more carefully and plan around the time off.  It would certainly make for less time in the woods and that would not be a good thing.