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I started deer hunting with a

I started deer hunting with a Remington 742 autoloader in .30-06 and collected a few deer with it. My cousin, who is a die-hard Ruger fan, convinced me to switch to a Ruger M77 in .308. His words were something to the effect, "The difference in recoil between the '06 and the .308 is noticeable, but the deer will never know the difference."

 Since then (1979) I have used my Ruger M77 in .308 exclusively and have never lost a deer. They usually drop on the spot, but when they don't, there's always a good trail to follow. I handload it with 150 gr bullets. For my mule deer hunt this fall, I'll be using Nosler Ballistic Tips and expect it to perform well out to 300 yards, which is what my buddy has told me will be the maximum to expect.

Thanks for the other posts. Good stuff there. Aren't you glad that we have so many choices? Thumbs up


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critter---I thought the

critter---I thought the waters was an older cartridge than that, but as I get older it gets much harder trying to date things, LOL!

jaybe---The .308 is not very far off the 30-06 stats and should be great with your 150 grainers in that Ruger for your mulie hunt.  I have the same rifle in a heavy barrel 25-06 for predators and antelope with handloaded 117 grain Hornady BTSPs ahead of 50 grains of IMR 4350.  It give right around 3000fps at the muzzle and good 1/2" groups all day long.  I go up to my 30-06 for deer here in MI and out in Wyoming and as was said, if a guy can't take a deer with the 30-06 he better do a lot more practicing or maybe look for another bullet.  I'm using 150 grain Hornady BTSPs ahead of 59.7 grains of IMR 4350 and it gives great 3/4" groups in all 3 of my rifles (a Sako, a pre 64 Model 70 Win, and a sporterized Springfield 03A3. 

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300 Win Mag

Remington model 700 in 300 Win Mag, with a 5 x 15 Bushnell Legend and 180 grain Swift Scirocco, it is the only rifle i need.


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barrett 50 cal for deer

barrett 50 cal for deer

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280 remington mountain rifle,

280 remington mountain rifle, 140g Nosler Accubond with 54g IMR4831 seems to do the trick for me.

338 lapua mag gets the job done. It is a little heavy to pack around all day and you better remember to put those earplugs in before you shoot :D

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243 winchester model 70

i'm not entirely aware that they need to make another rifle in north america.

some guys really rip on the .243 for being a short action and a kids/womens gun. but, i'm in concurrance with a guy named W.D.M Bell. one of the most successful ivory hunters of Victorian Africa. Bell is known by another name as well, Karamojo... His mantr was 
"It's all about placement, not power. Efficiency and strength."

Bell, having been the first person to notably perfect the brain shot on pachederms, used calibers probably inferior to the modern .243, (larger, but less efficient.) myself, being a student of Bell's skill and hunting prowess, have set up my own sporter type light caliber rifle. My perfect rifle manifested itself as the Winchester model 70 in .243 Win. and to date, I have killed some of the smallest and the largest big game in North America with it. I took a Bison at 100 yds with one off hand spine shot. I hit the last vertebrae in the spine at the base of the skull (which was intentional, so i didn't put a hole in the skull so i could have it bleached)

the rifle has been with me through thick and thin. when money got tight, I'd sell off hunting equipment and guns to help pay the bills... but not "Trouble." so named because of the intense fight i had with my wife due to me buying it.

i believe that any quality rifle can be made to perform just as well as "Trouble", which keeps a 1.5" group at 200 yds! but in my opinion, rifles with a mauser type action are inherently more accurate shooting when compared to push feed models. maybe this is due to less bullet deformation at the tip while feeding, who knows?

i'm thinking about getting a model 70 in .264 win mag and maybe .270 as well. all are great calibers.



.243!Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Thumbs up

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Sectional Densities

You need to read up on sectional densities to learn why the 7x57 (.275 Rigby) was such a good penetrator.  The .243 offers no such sectional densities as the 175 grain 7mm.  Of course, modern bullets change things considerably.

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rifle or shotgun?

When I first started deer hunting, I used a H&R Pardner 20 ga. slugthrower.   It was accurate and can pound nails at 100 yards.  I took many deer with it.  When I started hunting pronghorn, I realized that I needed something with a longer range.  I looked around and was considering a 30.06 or .270.  Considering that I am short with short arms, I was looking for a gun in a size to fit my build.  Every store we went in that had rifles had me trying out different guns.  When I finally found my gun(at our favorite gun shop), I tried it out and it fit like a glove.  It even had a scope, but I was unsure because I had never shot anything with a scope.  I looked at the tag and it read Lee-Enfield British .303.  I was excited because Scruffy shoots a full military Lee-Enfield British .303 dated 1944.  We had been reloading cartridges for him since .303 ammo is scarce, so we could reload for this one too.  It was made between 1952-1956 and had been sporterized at the factory in Belfast, Ireland.  I have had a lot of luck with my .303 and have had deer and pronghorn fall to it.  I think that everyone has a favorite gun and I love every one of mine including my little .22 pistol that is great for just having fun and plinking.

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.243 Win. M70 Featherweight

.243 Win. M70 Featherweight

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I grew up shooting deer with

I grew up shooting deer with a 25/06, does a good job. I now use a .264 win mag. It does the trick very well. But I still like to get the 06 out every year to kill something with it.

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