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other stuff

I love hunting, but I'm to the point where I'm kinda glad when the season draws near to the end. Not so much glad, just a bit releaved.  When not hunting I enjoy as much time with my kids teaching them as much as I can about anything I know , time with my wife, camping, fishing, target shooting, reloading, woodworking, automotive repair, BBQ smoking and grilling.  I also enjoy time on this site chatting with all of you guys.  I even enjoy yard work and gardening for about the first month of the season, after that it's just work to me lol

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Like a few of the other guys in that when not actually hunting and or shooting I'm thinking about hunting, watching hunting shows, reading about hunting and shooting. I'm also reloading and going to the range quite often. And, due to the blessing of predator hunting I can actually hunt from Sep biggame seasons thru April when I put down the coyote gun for a break. The bow hunting friend I called a bull in for just sent me one of his older bows in appreciation of our hunt, so that's another thing that will be occupying my time for a good long while (learning to get good enough to hunt with).

The only other activity that I've expended a huge portion of time and resources into was weight lifting which really occupied my time from about 26 until just the last year. I was committed to a regular rigourous lifting program followed up with a pretty disciplined nutrition program many of those years in order to get bigger and stronger. In my twenties a lot of that was trying to look good for the girls and a desire to physically just get as strong as I could. A little older and changed by the years I don't really care for those reasons any longer and just want to maintain good health as I get older and wait............ you guessed it, stay strong and physically fit for HUNTING!!! I want to be able to hike the high country to where the game is and then pack it out if successfull. Can't let yourself go if that's the goal. So physicall fitness is prolly my other big hobby. Used to love to fish when younger and still like to go occasionally but it doesn't hold the burning desire shooting and hunting does.

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Campimg and fishing with the

Campimg and fishing with the kid!

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although not even close to

although not even close to hunting, fishing has started to take up more of my time.

Chasing striper boils at lake Powell in Utah is almost like hunting the fish I guess.

Bass and pike are what I like so I have to drive a little, trout just don't excite me at all.

We're going to run up to Oregon in May to try sturgeon fishing for a couple of days to get the season started.

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