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What's up with Republican Governors?


In all honesty I think Pangolin has been treated far more fairly than he has treated others here. Yes we all participated in the Potato thread and did so in response to his nasty snarkiness more than because of his beliefs. I dont believe anyone should be banned or ridiclued for their beliefs. Having said that we do need to regulate peoples behavior. I also believe had Pangolin been a conservative I would probably have been the first to call for his head. His beliefs are different than the mainstream and are certainly in the minority here which is why I have think we need to be extra careful to be as fair and tolerant as possible. As Cowgal said though, how much should we put up with?

As has been pointed out no one here dislikes you because of your political views. Quiet the opposite in fact. To give CVC credit I think he's been pretty good about staying off of pangolins back. I am entertained and challenged by him but if he is keeping people from participating here because he intimmidates some of them. What is your solution?

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