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What's the best Elk bugle call?

Next fall I'm going elk hunting again, and I wanted to buy a bugle call for this trip. I was wondering what everyone thought was the best. the most realistic, the easiest to use, the most effective, etc. I'm just looking for opinions so fire away.

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What's the best Elk bugle call?

There is a couple that I really like. One good one is the Terminator by Primos. I think it's more for people who just want to make a good sounding bugle with ease. It's a very realistic bugle. But my favorite is just a grunt tube with a decent sized bell on the end and a diaphram. You can make just about any vocal sound a bull elk can make with that combonation but it takes a lot of practice.

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What's the best Elk bugle call?

I like the Sceery calls. I will say, though, that I think a cow call is generally more useful than a bugle. At least, on the public lands that I hunt.

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What's the best Elk bugle call?

It was a good season. Hootchie mama works every time.

Good to see the forum is growing.

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