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What's the best Colorado turkey unit?

Since I just did my application for fall turkey I was wondering what would be considered the best limited turkey unit in Colorado. I only applied for a point right now as I don't want a fall tag anyway. The season is limited where I live in unit 444 but I'm not sure that is where I would want to hunt. 

I have seen a few up on the red tables and several times up cattle creek but not sure I could find them when I needed to. I have seen a few in unit 43 as well but that was over 15 years ago and I have not hunted up there since then. Most of my sightings in unit 444 have been in the late summer or early fall and it has not been repeatable so I'm not sure if they would even be there in the spring. I don't have the points built up yet to draw anyway though.

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Also would like to know

I just found this post, and I was hoping you would have got more responses because I would like to read some opinions to answer your question as well.  I have been spring turkey hunting in Nebraska for the last 3 years.  I do not intend to stop that hunt, but I decided it would be fun to chase turkeys here in Colorado if I can find some public land where I have a decent chance at a bird.  To that end, I also applied for a preference point for turkey this last fall.  

I have seen turkeys in Unit 94 along the South Platte, but they were on private ground with no public ground anywhere nearby.  While deer hunting this fall, I came across turkeys in Unit 29 on public ground.  I only saw jakes and hens, but that is an OTC unit, so I might get that tag next fall if I get another Unit 29 archery deer tag.  

Hopefully someone will come across your post that has more useful information to share than I do.

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The only place that I have

The only place that I have hunted them is in unit 44 during the spring.  Spring hunting isn't that hard once you know what they do.  The big thing is to just follow the snow up the hill and the turkeys will be just under it.  Last spring I shot my turkey doing just that. 

I have heard that there is some great turkey hunting down on the Utah border off of the old devils highway of US 666.  I don't remember what the highway has been renamed.   

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