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Cam, I def agree w/what you said.What erks me is that you have to buy a stamp for archery,a regular lic and if ya hunt muzzleloader ya need a stamp for that and ya still can only shoot one buck.......WAIT A MINUTE!........WAIT JUST A DAM MINUTE....you know what I'mgonna do a 180 on this one guys....if I have to buy all these stamps and can only shoot one buck,ya know what that's fine by me as long as it ensures that I can continue hunt and pass it down to my sons,as long as it helps keep the morons(poachers) at bay and as long as some of my money gets back somehow to benifit the game I pursue, I'll be happy to buy those stamps.Yes fellas my common sense just walked up behind me and kicked me in the ass! It happens to the best of us.

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I been seeing giant bucks since the antler restictions went in place....I watched many a nice six point pass my stand in western PA.....but it was a good feeling knowing that those boys will continue to mature in years to come.....as for the northeast I have yet to really see any small bucks that don't meet the 3 point restrictions other than spikes.......I really believe that if you take the time to scout land out and find good unpressured and undesirable areas to hunt then they harbor giant bucks........it would be nice to have a tag for archery and one for rifle but I think PA has way too many hunters...guess I'd have to look at the numbers and what not.......oh well.........

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