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weapon choice

Plan to use my Remington 700 mountain rifle in 280 for mule deer. I'm gonna use some 140gr federal trophy bonded tip. Might get my 25/06 after a speed goat too. I really hope to get to WY this year. I will be using the bow here in KS

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If I get drawn for elk,

If I get drawn for elk, antelope or audad this year I'll be using my Remington 673 in 300 SAUM.

If I dont get drawn I'll probably use my Traditions Pursuit LT .50cal during the muzzleloader season. 

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Changed back to traditional

Changed back to traditional muzzleloaders. I'll use a TC Renegade .54 with a round ball barrel and iron sights.

.530 cast ball, .018 pillow ticking patch, mink oil lube, 90gr Swiss 2F.

Blowing smoke early in the morning at 11,000ft. Life is good. Big smile

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I have to complete setting up

I have to complete setting up my new rifle.  Got an Accumark .30-378, looking at Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20  with custom turrets and need to work up load (but will either be Accubond or Partition 180's).  That will be for elk and if I get a leftover Muley tag (and MAYBE for antelope if I am successful in draw, but more likely W'by .25-06).

I got tags for turkey, a private land cow tag and am waiting to see on archery deer and rifle antelope. Will also get an OTC bull tag.

Will also be going to So. Texas for pigs, whitetail and hopefully a Nilgai.

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