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Thanks, I will call and get

Thanks, I will call and get the sample pack and try them out.

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Remington Model 700 in 300 Win Mag, topped with a Bushnell Legend 5 x 15 x 40 Mill Dot, and 180 grain Hornady SST.

It is my Elk and sometime Muley Rifle.


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I still don't know what I'm using this year

Would like to add a .25-06 to the stable, but not sure if that'll happen this year or not.  If it does, that'll likely be the new antelope getter.  If not, back to some proven performers...

More than likely do antelope in Wyoming and Colorado with the .264 Win Mag and 100 Nosler Ballistic Tips.

Elk will be archery with the Hoyt Alphamax, then in 2nd season with some sort of a rifle.

2nd season (yeah, yeah I know, not a fan of 2nd season, but I have to this year) will be a cow and deer combo, so once again it makes sense for the .264 or 7mm.  My .264 is stainless (but coated) so would be the bad weather gun, likely loaded with 130 Accubonds again at just under 3400.  The 7mm would likely be stoked with 175 Partitions again, but just in good weather.   

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I will be using a Remington

I will be using a Remington CDL 7mm Mag and a new handload, which will be either Rem. Core-loks 175 grains with 61 grains of RL-22, or Barnes Solid Copper 160 grain with 61 grains of RL-22. I had either some old primers or dirty primer pockets which threw off my grouping, but the issue was resolved with new clean brass and primers. One inch groups now with both the Core-loks or Barnes.

I plan to either hunt unit 40 4th season bull or a 3rd season OTC bull in unit 711. If I'm blessed enough to draw a sheep, moose, or goat tag I will probably use a all-weather Ruger M-77 in a .30-06 and 180 grain Core-lok bullets.

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Due to work schedule, I don't

Due to work schedule, I don't think I'll be able to apply 1st rifle either/sex (300WM 165 Hdy).

So it appears I may be taking the ml for cows. TC ProHntr. Haven't decided on Colorado bullet yet, as I use 250gr TC sabbot in Ohio. I do like the looks of the TC 300gr bullet. Also have to remove the scope. I need to look into an open sight. Not sure I want to use the fiber optics... Confused

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Weapon of choice

This year going to be same as last: Browning A-bolt .300 WSM topped with a Leupold pushing 180 gr. Barnes TTSX at 3240 fps with 71.5 gr. Superformance.

Also playing with .300 RUM recipes if anyone has a favorite...

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My fav. Gun

I'll be using my 300 wby. And Swarov ski for elk and my 257 weather by for everything else...the way this iPad types is a pain in da azz

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I will be shooting my new

I will be shooting my new Henry golden boy .17 hmr.  I went to a turkey banquet and they were nice enough to give me this for a small donation.

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I might be changing my

I might be changing my weapons. I have a few more days to change my tag.

I'll keep the muzzleloader for elk, but change the weapon for deer. I have an urge to go to the weakest weapon I can use for big game. A longbow with wood arrows. If i'm going to still hunt and get close like i've been doing all my life. Lets just see how close I can get.  Huh?

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This years.......

Seasons will be kicked off here in a few weeks with the Mossberg 12ga for Spring gobblers. Late Aug. thru Sep. I will be toting my Bear Charge set at 68pounds shooting Gold Tip 5575 arrows and Rage broadheads chasing elk. After this year I will be upgrading to either a higher end Bear or Mathews even though theres really no need. The entry level Charge has proven to be very accurate and my set up above chrono's at a moderately fast 266fps. But just like with guns and reloading I'm upgrading in search of more speed a smoother draw and a quieter release.

For Antelope I've decided to use my Winchester Mod. 70 Featherweight in 243 and will soon begin searching for a good handload combo, something in the 85gr bullet weight traveling around 3100 to 3200 fps.

Then for a late Oct. plains deer and elk combo hunt I'm working on fine tuning a handload for my 338 Win mag using Reloader 19 and a 225 gr Hornady SST in the 2800 to 2900 fps range.


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