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What is your favorite gun for pigs?

I'm loving the 6.8 spc using 85grn tac load to 110grn prohunters or my 270 with 110grn prohunters.

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hog rifle(s)

I'd figure that the terrain you're hunting hogs in is likely a good bit different than what I normally hunt them in. That being said, I'm a fan of larger calibers for hogs and many of the areas we hunt have short visibilities and are close by or actually are swampy lands. I leave for Georgia next Friday for what's become our annual hog hunt there. We've been pretty lucky and have taken three hogs, 260 pounds or larger in our last three visits there, among the ones we've taken (all free-ranging).

My favorites would probably be a M77 in .358 and a Rem 750 Carbine in .35 Whelen. Some of the stands we hunted from last year had shot opportunities of up to 300 yards along field/woods edges and I like the extra horsepower at longer ranges to be able to penetrate thick shields and heavy bones found on the largest hogs in this area. One hog I took three years ago had a shield that was from 2 to 3+" thick throughout and actually stopped a .44 mag 270gr SP load from 45 yards. The direct hit to the boar's shoulder never even bled. It might be worth noting here that the shoulder shot was actually shot #2, fired as the big boar was getting back up after shot #1 which was right behind his ear @ 45 yards.

We enjoy our hog hunting trips a lot and one of this year's group will be picking up his mount from last year's harvest taken with a .308/165gr just under the ear @ 65 yards. That boar weighed 260 pounds. Here's a couple of pics.

Big Boar 09 003.jpg
Big Boar 09 003.jpg89.28 KB
Big Boar '11
Big Boar '113.43 MB
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Well, I will be departing for

Well, I will be departing for my first ever pig hunt in 2 weeks, and I will be bringing along my 30-06.  And, it will be paired with some 150 gr all copper bullets that I received from a wonderful person on this site... Wink

We'll see soon how that does.  Got it sighted in last weekend. Thumbs up

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My Doctor

My Doctor shot one with an SKS,,,a Yugo, said it worked real nice.

As for me, All I can afford to do is read about for now. Hello

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Shot mine with a 500 Jeffery,

Shot mine with a 500 Jeffery, but my sons want me to buy a 50 Beowulf for piggies.


My youngest took a bigger one with his 270, first shot knocked him down, took two more to quiet him. With the 500 Jeffery at 8 feet my 450 lb piggie was dead before he hit the ground.


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30-06 165 grain Hornady GMX

I have shot all 3 of my pigs last week with my Ruger 30-06 using a Hornady 165 grain GMX copper bullet and haven't had a problem yet.

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I started off with a Marlin

I started off with a Marlin 1895 in .45-70 and was quite pleased with it, but then changed over to a Colt Monolithic in 5.56 because I changed over to night vision.  Later I got a deal on a 1970s Rem 788 in .308 and it has been my go-to gun with a Pulsar N550 night vision scope (that also allows for daylight hunting).

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