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What is your favorite game that you have hunted?

Have you ever hunted Barasingha or another uncommon species? What do you think your favorite game to hunt is?

These amazing women hunters go after a Barashingha on the second episode of Extreme Huntress. Take a look and share stories!


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I really like Antelope and Big Mule Deer hunting. Elk hunting the rut is something everyone should get the chance to experience. Big Deer are a chess game that seems I always lose and Antelope is so fun to spot and stalk and if you are picky, it can last for weeks. My time hunting or the amount of time I spend for me is just about over. My girls are at that age where it is going to be all about them and maybe it will mold them into fine adults that have a respect for conservation and wildlife and life in general. There is only so much a dad can do at home. I can't compare to mother nature and her creatures and what it can do to shape a young persons morals, attitude and life. It is it's own classroom, teacher and professor.

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Da*n! If I put on a skirt and

Da*n! If I put on a skirt and a training bra, can I join that club! In my youth, girls that pretty didn't hunt. I've missed part of my youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Favorite hunts

Other than a few years in the Army, I've lived my whole life in Colorado and Montana. I didn't start hunting until I was in college, and then I had some great mule deer and elk hunting in NW Colorado where I lived.

After moving to Montana in the mid '70s, I became able to hunt all of Montana's big game animals, and have shot some great trophies and have kept my freezers full of prime venison for many years. I had my own horses for almost 20 years, and with them, I was able to pack comfortable camps into the back country to hunt deer, elk, moose, and bighorn sheep.

Hunting bighorn sheep became my favorite hunts. September in the high country is a great time to hunt. The bugs are gone, the temperature is cooler, and the fall colors are starting, and it's in some of the most beautiful country in the world.

In the eighties, there weren't a lot of people hunting sheep, and I could buy a Montana Unlimited unit sheep permit every year. I hunted 5 or 6 different units, and it took me a few years before I killed my first ram, but they were all some of the greatest hunts that I have done. I was able to kill 3 rams of my own, and killed another ram for hunter who was on a guided hunt that wounded and lost a ram.

I continued my love for sheep hunting in the late '90s when I did a backpack hunt for a Dall ram in Canada's NW Territories.

Bighorn ram_0023.JPG,
Bighorn ram_0023.JPG, 1.4 MB
Bighorn ram_0028.JPG
Bighorn ram_0028.JPG1.69 MB
Bighorn ram_0024.JPG
Bighorn ram_0024.JPG1.61 MB
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Mature mule deer bucks for

Mature mule deer bucks for the challenge.

Elk for the freezer.

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Mule Deer and Elk for

Mule Deer and Elk for fun.

Pheasants and Ducks because they are my favorite wild food.

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