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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

For me it would be Polar Bear, i've already got the Bobcat thing down...

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

I would like to get a big old nasty Wolverine Yes.

in Alaska

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

What about a Dragon? Vampire? or Wolfman?

I would realy like any big cat but from a very close range. 5-10 Feet and not from out of a tree. That should scare the hell out of me.

I was talking to a guy that was introduced to me last week from a buddy. This guy went to AZ 2 years in a row to dry land hunt a Mnt Lion and he got one the 2nd year. The dogs chased it into a cave and he went in after it and shot it from like 3 feet away. I wonder how the horse ride back was with shi**y pants. Think

Some thing like that would be great.

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

leopard for me. Just would look awesome with the other cats in the trophy room. Second would be Kodiak Brown Bear, this one I will get in the next few years, the leopard, well i don't know.

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

I'd like to bag a big cougar. Funny thing is I live in really great cat area and I see them quite often, but I've never bought a tag and went after them.

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

i shoot a panther

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

Mine would be to be able to stay a week straight in prime Coyote/bobcat country and hunt every day and some nights for that week. Drink a few beers in the evening. Thumbs up

I burn up my week alloted for hunting during biggame season and have to hit weekends for predators. More time to hunt is what's needed, damn job! sad

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

wolf, anyone know how I can get a permit in Idaho. I see they have opened a season for 09.

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

ill post 5 Thumbs up

polar bear

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What is your dream Predator hunt ??

mine is to get a spot and stalk bow hunt for wolf on vid. am starting to plan this hunt for oct. 2010 . If im successful, the title of the vid will be...."Last Supper"

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