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What your call?

My favorite call is a mouth call “rabbit distress” I seem to have the best luck with it. I also have a Johnny Stewart's Attractor, electronic call that has worked wonders a few times

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What your call?

I've forgotten the brand name, but I have a wooden mouth rabbit distress call as well, and a hand held electronic that has several calls in it; don't think much of it though. About a week ago I went out with my friend for a couple of hours that picked up an electronic call with a remote control by Primus that sounded pretty good to me. We got verbal responses to a crying coyote puppy sound it has, but nothing came close to shoot in the limited time we tried, plus we got a late start. I think it has possibilities if we gave it a more serious go next time.

The best luck I have had though is just curling both hands/fingers together in a tube shape, and making long and loud as I can "kissing" sounds, LOL.

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I only have two calls. A HS

I only have two calls. A HS Strut electronic call and a home made call that one of the guys from Kifaru made up. It's quite the call.

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