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What ya carry?

Browning Hi-Power MkIII 9mm, or a SIG P220 .45

Sometimes I carry the Glock 19.

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What ya carry?

Colt 1911 Officers. 45 auto. with Starfire hallow points. or the 10" barrle 500 in a shoulder rig

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What ya carry?

I carry a Kel-tec .380 with a laser. I keep it loaded with goldensabers. It has a belt clip and I wear it sans holster inside the pants right above my wallet.

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What ya carry?

I carry a S&W 411 with a laser in 40 S&W. I also have a NAA mini 22 Mag in my pocket. Thumbs up

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What ya carry?

I used to carry a Walther P5, But now I use a FN HI-POWER with the SFS system in 9MM. I put Nill grips on this pistol and It shoots like a dream!

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What ya carry?

Springfield Armory XD .357 sig.

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What ya carry?

10 mm Glock.

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What ya carry?

FEG arms 7.65mm

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What ya carry?

Ruger Blackhawk .30 M1 (3 screw), it was a birthday present from my wife a few years back. fun to shoot but hard on the ears.

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What ya carry?


As I live in the "peoples democratic republic of California". Also known as the " Union of Soviet Socialist Californians" I can carry a can of pepper spray or Nancy Pelosi's picture to defend myself. I sit behind my computer green with envy at those of you who live in free states . Cherish your freedoms and weep for your oppressed brethren here in the golden state. I have to admit the pepper spray has been quite effective. I havn't had the heart to use the picture as even crimminals are people too. Laugh .

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