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What would you change or do on Hunting Shows if you had say

i would like to see the following:

a litlle side bar stating what caliber, what distance, what bullet, what bullet weight for the shooting parts, as well as an explantion for why to use that caliber

a lot less talking and more stalking on the shows

more shows on africa and exotics

a litlle talk on shot placement for each species would also be helpful

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What would you change or do on Hunting Shows if you had say

I agree with more stalking. Maybe even try to include off subject things now and again that you run across while on the hunt. I think the biggest thing is to try and draw the audience into a feeling of invlovement, or almost being right there. I know you're not making a movie, but it seems easier to relate to a show when the host is able to make the experience personal.

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What would you change or do on Hunting Shows if you had say

I'd like to see them recognize that there's an animal attached to the antlers. Its disrespectful to nature to focus on such a small part of one of nature's gifts.

I'd like to see them let the guide talk and not act like he's not there. The guide is the one doing the hunting anyway. What do they think it looks like if all of a sudden someone shows up on camera two-thirds of the way through, is obviously an integral part of the team and when is finally introduced is said to be part of the guide service?. It makes me wonder if they're as stupid as they think we are.

I'd like it if they stopped listing infomercials as hunting shows. Any other product shows up in the guide as paid programming. I turn off a lot of the shows b/c all they do is talk about the products. Its insulting and boring. I already wanted to slap that Foxworthy fella for the redneck jokes. Now every time I hear "bucks of tecomate" I want to plant him in a food plot.

I'd like to see them own up to it when they make a bad shot. Any fool can tell you gut shot a deer if you see the impact on camera. Even if they don't show it, you know it was a bad hit when they shoot it in the afternoon and don't show the animal until after dark. Its especially obvious when they start yanking on the antlers of an animal after rigor mortis has set in. Shoot, I don't remember the last time rigor mortis set in that heavily before I had one skinned and in the cooler.

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Turkey Calling

I must say one thing I was watching today. If I sounded like that when I call turkey in PA I almost can say you would never get a turkey here. It is terriable. I never herd nothing like that before. My 8 year old son sounded better on his first try than those guys.


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