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Re: What would make you to buy a new rifle or shotgun this year?

I think the guy's already in his last term. As I said, I suspect it's lurking in the wings somewhere. The only question is when they'll get to it -- right now they have bigger fish to fry, like nationalizing a sixth of the economy and establishing power over the population's health care. At the moment, establishing power over the population's personal safety is a lower priority. The other thing is that they really can't move on anything until McDonald gets resolved and they know the bounds they'll have to work around. My bet is that if they hang on to enough seats in November, they'll try to move in 2011.

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Re: What would make you to buy a new rifle or shotgun this year?

" what would make me buy a new rifle or shotgun this years?"

The fact that one was available that I wanted, and had the finances to make it happen! Nothing else is needed to make me buy a new, or new to me, firearm! Big smile

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Re: What would make you to buy a new rifle or shotgun this year?

Won't take much to get me to buy a shotgun as I'm already looking at a couple 20g's.
A rifle on the other hand would be a tough sell as I'm looking for a good, solid bolt action in 35 Whelen. Needs to have a tang safety, open sights and a 20 inch barrel. Prefer walnut furniture cradling a rich blue barrel/action.
Yeah I know, sounds like the Ruger 77 that was produced a number of years back. I have one of them, but would like another one with the closer tolerences of today. Otherwise, I'm happy with the rifles I have.

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